DESIGN 06310 main title


DESIGN 06310 provides web-based marketing and design services to individuals and small businesses.

We operate on several historical advertising and marketing principles:

  • Identify and prioritize prospective clients
  • Develop/communicate a clear, simple message (less IS more)
  • Make it easy for clients to action your message
  • Have patience

In today's world websites are the main adjunct to your business cards to introduce your product or service to prospective clients.

If you don't have a business card in your wallet that contains your web address you are at an immediate "credibility" disadvantage.

If you disagree, don't bother to read any further. If you are not sure, read these articles:

Sunday Times 1, Sunday Times 2

We believe that the best definition of "marketing" is a simple one – The ability to use the media to communicate to your target market, a clear , concise message that will help them decide to easily utilize your products and/or services.

We do not believe in fancy "marketing speak" or mumbo jumbo. The hardest part will be to focus, focus, focus both on your target market and your message – and then package your product/services in a form that will be easy to access.

If you think that we may be correct and wish to brainstorm about your needs, please contact us.